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“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you.” Exodus 20:12 ESV

This made it into the top 10 and God put it on a tablet with 9 other commandments, so it must be important. It is also the only one of the 10 with a promise.

But wait a minute. Honor our father and mother? The ones who are not worthy of our honor? Sinners like us who may not even be Christians? Why would we honor them?

I am a father of four and I don’t feel I am worthy of honor. I have given my kids so much baggage and bad legacies along with the mistakes that I have made in my life that got passed to their life. Even though I have repented to God and asked God’s forgiveness as well as my kids, why in the heck should I get any honor? I have cried out wishing I could have a do-over but know that will not happen. I am grateful that God does not punish the children for the sins of their father and that God warns us that we make multi-generational impacts.

So what’s this thing of honor? It isn’t saying they are right or should be obeyed. It isn’t following them off a cliff or into a life of sin. It’s not so much the person as the position they hold. If you ‘honor’ your father and mother you free yourself from sin of omission and false witnessing. Forgive your parents, protect their dignity, respect their age, model Jesus for them, and weep and pray for them.

I forgave my earthly father. And I honor his place in my life .

God said it. It is our God-given responsibility. You wont regret doing it.

After all, it’s Our Father in Heaven who we should truly try to emulate.

Honor your father and mother and your days will be long in the land that God is giving you.

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