If Jesus can trust, so can we

I sit here at my computer exhausted after a long weekend of cross-state driving and then a very, very hard day back at work. I’ve been feeling defeated, worried, I have cried today, been angry, been scared, been happy…tonight I wanted to just go to bed after I put my daughter in bed but I couldn’t. Why?

God has amazing ways of speaking to us. Tonight He lead me to exactly what I know I needed, but not just for me. There are a lot of people around me struggling and stressing and feeling lost or hopeless. This conversation I just had with the Man Upstairs just gave me an important message we all need to be reminded of on a regular basis.

Psalms 31:1-5

Prayer of Trust in God

1 O Lord, in You I have found a safe place. Let me never be ashamed. Set me free, because You do what is right and good. 2 Turn Your ear to me, and be quick to save me. Be my rock of strength, a strong place to keep me safe. 3 For You are my rock and my safe place. For the honor of Your name, lead me and show me the way. 4 You will free me from the net that they have hidden for me. For You are my strength. 5 I give my spirit into Your hands. You have made me free, O Lord, God of truth.

What I want to highlight here is verse 5. This verse is Jesus speaking to God in Heaven. Jesus is proclaiming His trust in God while Jesus is nailed to the cross, dying after being beaten horrifically, nailed to the cross, and left there to suffocate and bleed to death. Jesus literally experience death in such a painful and terrifying manner BUT He still trusted in God to take care of Him.

We all go through struggles big and small every day and we often have a hard time trusting that God knows what is best for us. We need to stop and think about this incredibly powerful moment. If Jesus can trust God while He is nailed to the cross and tells God with His last breathe that He still trusts in God…we should be able to trust in God in our daily lives as well.

God created us. He knows what each day holds even before it happens. He knows if we’re going to lose a loved one, get a new job, experience heartbreak. He knows what we struggle with and He is always there to catch us and guide us and help us to become stronger through Him. It is up to us to be good listeners and hear Him when He calls to us. He is always calling to us. Trust in Him to help you carry your burdens and anxieties. No matter how big or small the load may seem He wants to help us.

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