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The sun is shining outside and E3 2019 is over and in the can and in the books and on video. You know that means it’s time for an update! KiWA!

A list that is helpful for you to understand me as a gamer, but mostly it’s just for me to remember the games that intrigue me and make me go WOW!

KiWA Games that I didn’t see coming (aka was not on my radar)

In Queue Waiting Game Status



Released Games – The KiWA Status


Steam Summer Sale! Now to find the time to play them. sigh

  • Tick Tock: A Tale for Two
  • Rust
  • Islanders
  • Oxygen Not Included
  • Mothergunship
  • Railway Empire
  • Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic
  • War of Rights
  • To the Moon


  • Fallout 76 – purchased and played, but great many issues so stopped. Will start again with year 2! KiWA 3
  • Anthem – BioWare’s new IP released! KiWA 3
  • Monster Hunter World – fall 2018 (console version already out)
  • Metro Exodus – Released. Still want to get this but holding off for now
  • Detroit: Become Human – Released. Not sure but maybe if on sale
  • State of Decay 2 – Released but not interested anymore. Saw expansion at E3 2019 and was a “no” on my list
  • Sea of Thieves – Released. Issues at first with griefing so didn’t purchase it. Maybe now as it seems to have received dev love?
  • God of War – Released. Maybe one day if it goes PC.
  • PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds – Fantastic game whether playing with friends or alone. KiWA 4
  • Fortnite – Very fun battle royale game similar to PUBG with the same fun but different with the building stuff. And its Free! KiWA 4
  • Deep Rock Galactic – Fun 1-4 player co-op playing space Dwarven miners. Purchased early access. KiWA 4
  • Bounty Train – Found this little gem on Steam that helps me miss Railroad Tycoon less. KiWA 5
  • Oxygen Not Included – Purchased in the 2019 Steam Summer Sale!



KiWA past due. What am I waiting for?

2016 Releases (June 2019 updates)

  • No Man’s Sky – Released. Not sure with all of the other games if I still want this. 2019 update: Games is MUCH better now and a VR version is close to release.
  • Recore – Released. Still holding off but still interested.
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Released. I am still interested, but not on my top list and with CoD:WWII out I am going to pass.


  • KiWA 6 – The Ultimate! Think like 5+. The top option.
  • KiWA 5 – Great game and fun to play and worth the time and money.
  • KiWA 4 – Great game but. Yea, the buts make it not top but still worth some time.
  • KiWA 3 – So so. Yea, get it if on sale
  • KiWA 2 – Nah. You should avoid it
  • KiWA 1 – The lowest rating. To get to a KiWA 1 means me buying the game and I won’t. So KiWA 2 is the lowest and DON”T GET THIS GAME!

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