Important (& exciting) changes!

Good morning everyone!

This newsletter was originally sent as an email newsletter to email subscribers on the blog which is being moved to this new location and is being duplicated here on the blog for future reference. Original email can be found here for a limited time.

It has been a long while since I sent any kind of an update and for that I want to apologize. With that, I also want to let you know that the wait (I hope!) was worth it! I have some very exciting news to share and a special invitation (or a few) to extend to you.

Over the last several months I have received a clear calling to shift some gears in a big way. I am launching a new business called Water On Thirsty Land that will specialize in Bible studies, study tools, printables, Christian stationery, and other resources. With this exciting new business comes a shift in the Morning Brew blog.

How will the Blog change?

Our blog and website are being realigned in order to help you and future community members find what you are seeking faster, easier, and deeper.

COMMUNITY WEBSITE will become the dedicated gaming community website and will include Christian gamer-focused blogs, ESO guild information, Minecraft realm information, Christian streamers, and much more. This website is also about to move to a new home (keeping the same domain) to fit the realignment, and to improve security and functionality. Look forward to some big updates here soon!

NEW BIBLE STUDY BLOG will focus on Bible studies, reading plans, and study tools and resources. Here you will find weekly studies, reviews, and recommendations of Christian products, books, and Bibles. You will also find the content you’ve looked forward to such as deep studies, book overviews, and translation studies.

This site is dedicated to approaching life through a Biblical lens and growing in who God calls each of us to be in all areas of our lives.


We have been using Patreon and will continue to do so for the time being, but will be shifting priority to Ko-Fi so that we can provide more resources, perks, and benefits.

This page will include an official shop, freebies, and ways to support the overall community, the Vineyard, Morning Brew, and/or Water On Thirsty Land directly. Offerings here will grow over time and all funds from memberships go directly to the area of the community you designate.


Water On Thirsty Land has a new Discord server that will be dedicated to Bible studies, overall Christian fellowship, supporters to access freebies, and so much more. This does not change the Morning Brew server, but adds to it and allows us to better align our focus depending on what you are wanting to participate in throughout our growing community.


We now have two new newsletters. In order to continue getting any emails from me about the community in the future, you must subscribe to one or both of the new mailing lists. I will not be manually moving your email subscription because I want to ensure each email subscriber chooses what they are getting emails for.

New newsletters can be found on the new Water On Thirsty Land website and include some exclusive printables, study tools, and other offerings depending on the newsletter you sign up for.

As of right now, both newsletters have 2 signup options. One via email, the other via the WOTL Discord. With new platforms come opportunities for new features and I pray you will join us on the new newsletters.

  1. Mailing List – this is a free general mailing list that lets you know when I have special announcements, updates, content, and information.
  2. Printables Newsletter – this mailing list starts at $10 per month and unlocks printables every month, such as Bible Book Overviews and other miscellaneous Bible study tools.

How do you signup for the Printables Newsletter?

My mission is to deliver content designed to edify, develop your understanding of scripture, and encourage you to be in the Word and grow in faith every day.

Our Water On Thirsty Land DiscordKo-Fi page, and new email list are where our announcements and newsletters will be posted from now on. I hope you will join me at Water On Thirsty Land!

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