TwitchCon 2019 – A Kennethan Wrap-up

This was my first TwitchCon though I have heard of it from their first announcement and my son went several years ago.

Then, even though I was streaming it wasn’t that important to make the tip.

Now, with God Mode Activated and the large number of Twitchers I am follow, it was time to visit.

Several huge takeaways from TwitchCon 2019.

· TwitchCon is a Trade Show. Everyone needs to treat it as such to get the most out of it

· Need a plan as a community and as a streamer/content creator

· Debriefs – daily but if not daily then on the last day. It has to be part of the schedule

Game Changers

· AthenaScope: makes videos of your kills and compiles into a video with music so you don’t have to

Divine Appointments

· There were many, but meeting Ron with was a huge divine appointment. See the You Tube video for the story.


· Game – Mistover: want small streamers to support with game keys

· Game – World of Tanks: already played; went to booth for stamp

· Game – PUBG Mobile: played it but lost. Jfreak came in second

· Game – Skyweaver: TCG; met Marcelo the community manager (from Madrid) and dev (from Seattle) who is interested in working with our size community wanting small streamers over large streamers

· Charity – Ron, army, cried/excited to meet us as a Christian gaming organization

· Charity – Stack Up: video game and nerd goodness to veterans and deployed troops

· Charity – To Write Love On Her Arms: mental health

· Panel – TwitchCon opening ceremony


· Game – MTG Arena: played and won a playmat. Tried to sign up but didn’t have my password

· Samson: headphones

· Game – Stream captain – Stream Raiders: game to play while streaming. Potential revenue by folks buying skins. Looking for streamers between viewers of 20 to 400.

· Steamer Support – AthenaScope: makes videos of your kills and compiles into a video with music so you don’t have to

· Hardware – PTZ Optics: expensive videos

· Hardware – Victrix: headset made from apache headsets; wireless in work

· Hardware – Lume Cube: portable lighting. Smaller lights for streamers

· Hardware – Hey There!: Green screen attached to the chair

· Revenue – CrowdQuest: Propose a quest, streamer accepts, credits transferred, streamer cashes out; QuestRewards as a way to monetize the stream

· Merch – Flocker: clothing with twitch extensions to provide discounts for subs and patreons members

· Merch – inked gaming: earn points for vouchers or 10% off orders

· Music – MyMy Music: chat can pick music and create playlists. R&B and Hip Hop now, more genres coming

· Panel – Wil Wheaton: mental health awareness


· Stream Support – LightStream: between OBS and Twitch to allow you to have others in your stream whether its their camera or twitch channel. Good or Hear Me Out or Pastors After Dark

· Steam Support – Medal: Play a game, Press a button, get a clip

· Merch – Designs By Humans: merch; open your own store; ambassador program to earn

· Charity – Heart Support: Mental health

· Hardware – Victrix: gaming headsets based on apache helicopter pilot headsets that help vent air, easy to clean, steel and aluminum

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